Kane Rowlingson Kane Rowlingson

Forza Apex
These video game cinematics were a collaboration with Axis Animation for the racing simulation Forza Motorsport 6 by Microsoft Studios. we were asked to create 12 different sequences, each of which needed to be stylistically unique while maintaining the essence of the Forza brand.

The project was delivered in just 12 weeks thanks to the foresight of the production team and the talent of Jumbla’s animators. While the bulk of the work was completed in After Effects, files of the cars were provided in 3D Max and remodelled using the Element 3D plugin.

Forza Nascar Expansion
These video game cinematics were created as downloadable content for the NASCAR Expansion of Forza Motorsport 6. Working alongside Microsoft Studios and Turn 10 Studios, all up we delivered six sequences within a 12-week deadline.

The primary cinematic features artwork consistent with NASCAR, while quick camera movements reflect the sport’s fast-paced nature. Bright bursts of colour on a white background are intertwined with maps and landscapes of track locations to get players excited about the new content.

Creative Director: Callan Woolcock
Animation: Kane Rowlingson, Frankie Lee, Lahiru Karunaratne, Josh Le Good
Design: Kane Rowlingson, Callan Woolcock, Frankie Lee
Apex Montage edit: Kane Rowlingson
Nascar Montage Edit: Callan Woolcock
3D UV mapping: Jess Herrera
Producer: Steve Bradshaw